Experience exchange groups

Welcome to the page presenting our experience groups, which we believe is one of the most important activities in the SPM.

15 experience exchange groups

There are currently 15 experience exchange groups, which together cover a very broad spectrum of disciplines. An experience exchange group is like a family. A place where you can confide deep thoughts and get support and comments back. An experience exchange group is also network-building, and you are part of a group that you can always contact to discuss subject-specific questions.

The experience exchange group’s educational value

One of the things that is probably underestimated is the experience exchange group’s educational value. Many of the things discussed in an experience exchange group are topics that may be of high academic value, and at the same time being on an evolutionary edge, which can not yet be read in textbooks or other literature.

Education that strengthens competitiveness

Participation in experience exchange groups should be seen as a very important training for each employee. Education can be vital when a company wants to strengthen its competitiveness. It is often found that a “hot” topic, such as for example Safety Approval in Eastern Europe, can provide a member firm with the right knowledge at the right time, which can make the difference between whether a given competitive situation can be usefully exploited or not.

Continuity is important!

The continuity in cooperating within the experience exchange group is important. It is therefore important that one with himself, and possibly his boss, ensures the necessary priorities, so that this valuable network can continue to prosper and have the positive effects as described above.

Currently, SPM has the following active experience exchange groups:


Group 5
Compliance Engineering


Group 6


Group 8
Production engineering


Group 9


Group 10
Environmental testing and construction


Group 11
Planning and development of production test


Group 13
Thermally resistant equipment design


Group 16
Error mechanisms in microelectronics


Group 17


Group 20
DFMA – Design for Manufacturing and Assembly


Group 21
SPM Master Class

Group 22
Structural simulation of mechanical systems

Group 23
Medical Device Design Verification Testing

Group 24
Supplier Quality Management


P2PoF Club

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